Top 8 Luxury fashion Brands across the Globe


It is impressive to be dressed up in an adorable and elegant manner to get noticed and lauded by others. There are readily available several luxury fashion brands across the globe created by renowned designers in the industry. Those who would like to stay in fashion all the time need to keep themselves updated about the different brands being sold in the market. These luxury fashion brands are for those groups of people who would like to stand out among the crowd. 

List of top 8 luxury fashion clothing global brands

·         Gucci: This Italian brand occupies the top slot and is known for its outstanding fabric quality and eye catchy designs. They are probably the world’s most expensive brand and are said to come up with items exclusively created for both women and men. Their product range includes handbags, ties, shoes, luggage and skirts. The brand speaks style and luxury

·         Chanel: This brand is enjoying increasing demand in the global market and is favored by the rich and the famous. There are available rich and stylish designer varieties to be selected from. The unique aspect of this brand is that it does not copy any other brand styles and hence, maintains its very own existence. Beauty products, skin care items and quality shades are some of the products that it is known for and loved by young fashion enthusiasts. 

Chanel Beauty Products
·              Prada: It is a fabulous choice for those preferring to change their lifestyle. This Italian brand is said to create trendy clothes, attracting young fashion lovers. It also boasts of having several outlets across the globe and hence, much more accessible when compared to other popular brands. Besides clothing, it also offers high end perfumes. 

·         Dolce & Gabbana: It is a popular and the most desirable global dressing brand in Italian culture. Both women and men prefer this brand. The texture and the print quality of the dresses produced by it, is known to have no match. It is without any doubt the most expensive and popular luxury fashion brand in the industry

·            Armani: It has become a popular brand name all over the world and is also an expensive one. It also boasts of having wide range of items, starting from clothes to perfumes and the like. When T-shirts and jeans are concerned, this brand has been enjoying great popularity for a very long time. Boutique shops and fashion designers have been recommending this brand to their clients. It is possible to come across this brand in outlets found all over the world. Armani clothes can also be found to match seasonal variations. Presently, one can easily find Armani range of fashion apparels for kids, besides adults. 

·         Marc Jacobs: Some of the interesting features of this luxurious fashion brand are its beautiful designs, seasonal variations and exclusive sales. Besides clothing, it also deals in shoes, handbags, outer wear for different seasons and jewelry items. It is the different trendy designs that have helped it to achieve immense success on a global scale.

·         Guess: This American brand has been quite synonymous with denim jeans and its designs are sure to surprise shoppers. It targets both adult women and men. Guess T-shirts, jeans are quite popular among young fashion lovers. 

·         Valentino: Women have just fallen in love with this fashionable and creative brand. Besides being specialized, it offers evening wear range that is quite popular among women of all ages. Moreover, its bold design has been attracting women from the affluent class, crazy to become a part of the luxurious fashion trends. 

The above are few of the global luxury fashion brands that have made a name for itself among fashion conscious men and women.

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  1. All great brands. Gucci has been pushing out really great stuff lately.

  2. Best brands ever for Men's Trendy Clothing. It has huge collections of clothing items at the best price.

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