How to Find the Right Foundation


It can be a true struggle to find a perfect foundation! Many makeup wearers struggle with no only finding a shade that is a perfect match but then also have a hard time determining which formula will be suit their unique skin. Because so many do struggle with finding the right formula I wanted to share this article from 

Their team put 360 foundations to the test to find the best formula! To determine their top picks they interviewed six makeup experts, scoured through beauty reviews, and actually tested each of the finalist. It's an interesting read and gives a ton of tips on finding the right formula,  you can take a peek here Hopefully it will be helpful as you find your perfect shade! 

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  1. Being a girl I can understand the real struggle to findout the color of the foundation which suits you the best. My advice for all the ladies are always select one color lighter tone foundation for your skin for best results.

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