Best Monsoon Destinations in Europe


The world is indeed a beautiful place to live in. The different parts of the world do boast of having its own unique attraction that is either natural or man-made. Whatever be it, there are millions of people who simply love to go out on a holiday with their family and friends during their vacations. One such place to visit is Europe that does fascinate almost every traveler and compels them to enjoy its natural beauty at least once in their life time. Europe not only deserves special mentioning as a special monsoon destination for travelers, but a place that can be traveled to at any point of time. 

This is because, Europe has plenty of things to see, experience and enjoy. Doing some research will help the aspiring traveler to know how he can maximize his pleasure.

Some places to visit in Europe

·         Whale watching, Iceland: Some of the world’s greatest creatures can be seen under the midnight sun just south of Arctic Circle, to the north coast of Iceland in Husavik. The Skjalfandi Bay does boast of having huge whale populations, where travelers can enjoy witnessing some action especially after the lift on whaling ban in 2006. This area is infested with minke whales. At times, one can come across orcas, humpbacks and the large blue whales during the monsoon seasons. The other frequently seen are the harbour porpoises and white beaked dolphins. 

               Naples: Italy has for long been a favorite destination among the tourists and Vesuvius on its west coast does not require any special mention. The city of Naples is known to excel in one particular item which is the ‘Pizza’, a hot favorite among all ages. This dish is presently being safeguarded by the “Associazione Verace Pizza, Napoletana”, trying to promote since 1984, ‘highly authentic Neapolitan pizza’. Also within striking distances are found The Roman ruins like the Herculaneum and Pompeii. Tourists can also visit Capri, a beautiful island and a romantic spot to be. 

·         Yachting at Broads: If the traveler is interested to lounge about the modern cruiser to pass away his time in leisure in a traditional yacht, a wonderful way to have the largest protected wetland of the UK to be explored is by boat. Broads is actually man-made and is marketed as ‘The Magical Waterland of Britain’. The waterways are about 125 miles and the tourist during the trip can encounter warblers, water voles, swallowtail butterflies and bitterns. 

·         Relaxing on Suffolk Coast:  Just few hours from the city of London is located the Suffolk Coast, which boasts of having the most unspoilt coastline in the whole of UK. With the weather of the place being just beautiful throughout the year, when compared to the other parts of the country, the chances of spending a fabulous time with the family or the spouse is very high. In the month of June, for over three weeks is held the popular Aldeburgh Music Festival. This festival tends to showcase some of the best classical music of the country. 

The above are few of the destinations in Europe that one can visit during monsoons and have a gala time. 

Europe is a beautiful destination and has plenty of things to see and experience. There are indeed several places to visit during the monsoons and to catch upon on few exciting and thrilling things that can be cherished for a life time and discuss with friends and relatives back at home.

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